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Introducing the world's first stainless steel charms for the Helo LX & Helo Classic

Bit of History

The Hebit was developed and customized to enhance the revolutionary Helo LX and Helo Classic Smart Wrist Band. At Hebits, we know that being healthy is a lifestyle and is a life-long journey and we create charms that represent where you are in your journey. Each individual charm has a story and carries a meaning – so that you can showcase what matters to you most when it comes to your overall health!

Featured Charm

The lotus charm is synonymous with purity and beauty. Long thought of as the most beautiful flower, lotus pedals open one by one signifying a journey. It’s also known that lotus flowers only grow near mud, and remarkably transform from a dark place into a source of tremendous beauty and inspiration.Wear your lotus flower to signify your mindset and your transformation.

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