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Monitor your Health with this extraordinary Wristband

We bring you Helo Lx+; the wristband helps you to keep fit and healthy by monitoring and to report your vital signs in real time. It is a revolutionary, sleek, fashionable and lightweight bracelet. It uses a chipset mechanism that has been developed by Toshiba’s leading innovation in wearable technology.

This is perhaps the world’s first product that employs active sensors to provide real health measuring enabled by natural mineral stones. Examples of these signs are heart rate, blood pressure, calories burned, quality of sleep and steps taken.

We derived the word Helo from the phrase Health and Lifestyle Oracle. It is a series of smart wristbands that continuously monitor your health status even when you sleep. We, therefore, recommend it to seasoned athletes as well as people fighting with weight loss.

Monitor your Heart Rate

Our wristband checks on the health of your heart by combining accurate readings of blood pressure, ECG and heart rate. An automatic calculator computes the readings and sends a signal to your Helo App through Bluetooth.

You can quickly view the results taken at various times of the day and night. From these, determine if you need a check from a qualified primary care physician. The doctor should perform his separate tests to compare with those of the wristband.

Monitor your Mood and Sleep 

Thanks to Toshiba’s state-of-the-art Lite Processor, it can determine an approximate measure of your mood and sleep quality. It employs an advanced algorithm to compute readings and transmit these to the mobile app. Save these results and generate a chart of results collected over time. Sharp spikes are signs of danger, and you should see a doctor.

Monitor your Blood Pressure 

The wristband uses miniature light sensors that illuminate the blood vessels on the skin. These sensors can record the slightest changes in light absorption and use these to compute your blood pressure. Check the app and know if your strength is in the safe margins. Call a doctor when it is too low or too high.

Monitor your ECG

Here is one of our most innovative yet cool tools to take your electrocardiogram (ECD) measurements. Whether you are at work, playing or sleeping, these beats per minute readings are accurate, and the wristband records these promptly.

How the wristband works

Our research has proven that semiconductors derived from certain natural minerals (mainly Germanium and Pink Himalayan Salt) can sense how the human body functions. Toshiba built on this research and manufactured a world-beating microprocessor.

The result is an advanced chipset that could make accurate body tests and make logical conclusions. Hebits developed this hallmark by lining removable mineral plates integrally on a patented hypo-allergenic silicon band.

The silicon rubber is comfortable to wear and does not cause allergies on the skin. As these minerals are naturally found in the earth, they bring positive healing effects to the wearer of the wristband. Our Helo Txt wristband maintains your health in an accurate yet fashionable design.