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Helo Classic

Helo Classic

Capabilities of Helo Classic Smart Wristband

Your health is perhaps the most important thing. When you are in good shape, your job, schooling, business, family and social relationships are in good shape too. This is the reason why we introduced a series of wristbands that can monitor, observe, track, record and report a myriad of health aspects.

Among our leading smart wristbands is Helo Classic, which positively influences your body on top of providing accurate, timely readings of vital signs. It can promptly tell you of your sleep patterns, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep quality and exercise levels among other vital signs.

Our research and development department promises you a Helo Classic wristwatch that will monitor blood glucose levels and level of fatigue shortly. This tool is excellent for maintaining a record of your health while on the move and as you sleep. The fact that you can configure several users is an added advantage.

Helo Classic uses earth’s powerful elements

To increase the normal functioning of your body, our leading brand, Helo Classic utilizes two of the most active natural elements – Germanium and Himalayan Salt. Germanium is a natural semiconductor and antioxidant.

Himalayan salts contain high levels of sodium chloride and a host of other natural minerals that the human body needs to function correctly. Selected traces of these minerals are lined inside the hypoallergenic band and are in direct contact with your skin.

The stones on the band help the body to counter the thousands of ions that we are exposed to by electronic devices. His action, in turn, relaxes muscles, maintains oxygen balance and reduces pain.

Helo Classic Alters you on the status of loved ones

Are you worried about the health of your child or spouse? Buy our Helo Classic it sends timely and regular reports on their vital signs. This gives you the opportunity to report to a health practitioner in good time before danger strikes.

You can configure their wristbands to the app on your mobile device and receive reports directly. Next, download the report or generate a map of successive reports and take these to your doctor. Allow him to conduct tests of his own before treating the underlying condition.

Features of Helo Classic app

Unlimited storage – We have no limits as far as storage space is concerned. The app backs your data securely in the cloud so you can pull up any readings from the past.

Easy comparison- You can take several measurements of vital signs and compare them with other underlying factors. For example, look at past readings on sleep levels, and mood then compares these to a set of different translations and know how to improve each.

Tips to improve health – Apart from just monitoring your health through vital signs, our Helo Classic wristband provides you with accurate, actionable and realistic tips to improve your health. It can tell you when you need to exercise and when you need to rest.

Helo Classic can configure several users

Let Helo Classic tell you when a mentally challenged family member strays from the safe confines or when an aged parent needs to see the doctor. Configure it so you can obtain the vital signs of several loved ones at the same time. Talk to us now to purchase your product today.