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Helo Lx

Helo Lx

Discover the capabilities of Helo lx Smart Wristband

Helo lx is the shorter version of Helo Luxury Smart Wristband. This is a highly advanced device that promises to disrupt the world’s wearable technology. It is a sure way of tracking your vital signs while making a fashion statement.

Vital signs that you can track with the Helo lx include heart rate, blood pressure, calories burned, steps taken, mood, sleep quality, energy level and several others. It makes accurate measurements, analyzes the data and sends understandable information to a smart device.

All you need to do is to install the Helo app on your smartphone or tablet, and you are ready to track your lifestyle. The new gadget now allows you to process this information in a logical order so you can compare one reading with another.

Design of the Helo lx wristband

Antonio De Rosa is the brains behind this innovative wearable technology. It is prudent to note that he is the developer of the fashionable iPhone design. Here he uses Toshiba’s latest light Nano microprocessor.

The design was first seen at the world’s largest exhibition of technology, the Consumer Electronics Show years ago. Since then, the Helo lx has ignited interest from seasoned sportspeople and beginners alike.

Features of Helo lx wristband

Panic button

– You can just press the red panic button twice and send direct SOS message to loved ones. This feature comes in handy during emergencies such as criminal attacks, natural disasters, and accidents.


– Helo lx is compatible with both Android and IOS operating systems to give you a wide variety of health tracking capabilities.
Vital signs monitor

– Obtain accurate measurements of all vital signs of your body and on the bodies of your loved ones. These are enabled by blood pressure counter, step counter, sleep report, beats per minute, calorie output tracker, distance tracker, fatigue sensor and mood sensor.

Monitor others

– If you are worried about the health of a loved one, Helo lx sends you timely reports on their vital signs. You can then contact the doctor when and if levels drop or rise beyond acceptable limits.
You can also know the whereabouts of a person with a mental challenge or an aged person, thanks to an emergency SOS GPS Locator feature.

Advantages of Helo lx wristband

Professional athletes are perhaps the most significant beneficiaries of this wearable technology. However, ordinary people will find the feature irresistible for maintaining proper health. Obese people, those suffering from heart disease and those struggling with weight loss are other beneficiaries. The following are direct advantages of Helo lx wristbands.

You can monitor vital signs remotely, at home, while on the bus and even when sleeping. It helps to tell you when you need to get active and when you need more sleep at night. The devices encourage a busy life and discourage sedentary lifestyles, further increasing the health of a select population and an entire nation. 

You can compare readings with other people online and compete for increased positive results. You can approximate caloric needs and plan your diet better.