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Helo World Global Network

Helo World Global Network

Protect your loved ones with Helo Smart Wristband

Life is full of risks and hazards. While some of the dangers we face are natural, others are well-orchestrated actions of criminals. You can only do so much to avoid these unfortunate situations. However, you could get a lot of help from our Helo world global network of wristbands.

Imagine a situation where your loved one encounters danger while on an outdoor adventure tour. If they do not have the right gear or personnel, that problem can quickly become a full-blown catastrophe. Thanks to Helo world global network, they can alert you and other close relatives just by the click of a button.

How the built-in panic button works

Our Helo technology employs Google Maps capability coupled with SMS technology. The app has to be installed on your phone for it to receive the distress call. If a loved one is in trouble, he or she can merely double press the red panic button, upon which signal is sent to your smart device.

The notification can come in by SMS or via a phone call. He or she will then tell you what sort of danger they are in. From that communication, you will know how to react to contain the situation. If the person is so distressed that they cannot speak, you can listen in on the phone call and gather vital intelligence.

Once the grief-stricken person clicks the panic button, it sends accurate GPS location to him or her. Depending on the situation, you can alert authorities so rescue can be dispatched immediately. This feature can be added to up to three contact lists for efficient response.

Instances where the panic button comes in handy

During criminal acts such as hijackings and carjacking

In natural disasters such as floods, storms, and earthquakes

When you or a loved one is lost or in an accident

When you or a loved one has a flat tire without appropriate remedy

Specific Application of Helo world global network

You can accurately monitor aging parents using this smart technology. We, at Helo world global network, allow you to know the location of the person at all times, whether he or she lives alone or at a shared facility. You can then call a neighbor or friends to restrain them from straying.

The same is also true for mentally challenged individuals. People who have Down’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and other mental instabilities can be monitored using Helo world global network.

Check on their vital signs such as blood pressure, sugar levels, and breathing rate. More importantly, the panic button feature comes in handy if they are lost in town, confused and unable to find the way home.

Our technology lets you monitor the health status of yourself, spouse and child whether you are physical with them or not. If there are significant changes in vital signs, the app notifies you and conveniently empowers you to seek medical attention early.

If the health of your loved ones is your highest priority, purchase a Family Option. Configure accounts of various persons and Helo world global network monitors and records their vital signs independently yet accurately. Talk to us today and obtain your wristband very soon.