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Helo Wristband

Helo Wristband

Discover the Series of Smart Wristbands

For several years now, smart wearable technology has helped us in our work, play and social interactions. We have been in the frontline of this technology, with its series of Helo smart wristbands. This series is a real revolution of smart wristbands for accurate health monitoring and smart wearable technology.


We introduce to you the diamond as the gemstone whose allure attracts interest from many people. We all associate it with success in business and life. We bring it to you as a symbol of accomplishment and beauty. It produces accurate measurements of vital signs.


Since time immemorial, the Cross has been used as a symbol of faith. We at this moment bring this appropriately designed smart wristband to show the importance of your faith. As the gadget keeps your health in check, it impacts your overall journey. Take it out while jogging and running as well as during your regular day job or business.

Pink Ribbon 

The pink ribbon is used universally as a sign of strength. We, therefore, introduce it as an acknowledgment to all persons in the world battling or who have lost their battle to cancer. Wear this charm to show your sensitive nature to people and motivate sufferers to keep the fight alive.

The Panda Bear

In the Americas and Europe, the Panda symbolizes harmony, peace, and friendship. In almost every other culture, it represents balance and serenity in life. Wear our panda-themed wristband to signify the importance of finding harmony for the people of the world.

Yellow Ribbon 

The yellow ribbon is a universal souvenir of our beliefs and convictions. It represents our source of inspiration and drives us every day. You should know that the color yellow is the official color of the armor branch of the U.S. Army. Wear our Yellow Ribbon wristband and demonstrate your causes in what profoundly affects you.


Wherever you go across the world, the heart stands for love and support. Since the heart is the core of all life, wearing this wristband connects you to your loved ones, family and the greater society. The symbol also stands for the heartbeat, which is one of the vital signs, that our wristband measures.


We introduced this wristband as a belief that everyone is a star of their life. The star is a symbol of energy and light, so this wristband charm reminds you to let out your inner shine and sparkle.


This wristband encourages you to realize accomplishments that you have achieved through hard work. Wear our Hands wristband confidently and be proud of what you have accomplished. It is a great way to recognize the determination and sacrifice that goes into keeping healthy.


Wear our Lips wristband as a reminder to speak your mind and be honest with yourself. A kiss is a way to express affection, so this charm is all about showing your love for others. This is what smart technology hopes to achieve.

Full Package

Why limit yourself to just one of our wristbands while you could collect them all? This Full Package allows you to buy all 11 Helo wristbands at a great offer.

Helo Wristband